Abbey (New)
Abbot of St. Albanís Inn
Abbot of Walthamís House
Abbotís Inn
Abbotís Lodging
Abchurch Lane
Abchurch Yard
Abergavenny House
Acorn Alley
Acorn Street
Adam and Eve Alley
Adam and Eve Court
Adam Court
Adam de Basing (Ward of)
Adamís Court
Adbryght Lane
Addle Hill
Addle Street
Adelaide Buildings
Adelaide Place
Adelane (Adel Lane)
Adelburga (St.)
Adle Streete
Adling Hill
Adlyngstrete, Adlyns Street
Aernselde (or Berneselde)
Africa House
African House
Aggate, Aggatís passage
Agnes (St.)
Alam (Alarm) Yard, Crutched Friars
Alan Baalun (Ward of)
Alban (St.), Wood Street
Albanís (St.) Court
Albert Buildings
Albion Buildings
Albion Chapel, Moorfields
Albion Place
Albion Tavern
Albion Wharf
Alborgth (St.), Alborought (St.)
Aldedenes, Aldenís Lane
Alderchgate Street
Alderman Parsonís Stairs
Alderman Stairs
Aldermanís Walk
Aldermanbury Avenue
Aldermanbury Conduit
Aldermanbury Euildings
Aldermanbury Postern
Aldermanecherche, Aldermannes-cherch
Aldermary Churchyard
Aldersgate Alley
Aldersgate Bars
Aldersgate Buildings
Aldersgate Street
Aldersgate Street Station
Aldersgate Ward
Aldersgate Ward School
Aldgate Avenue
Aldgate Churchyard
Aldgate Churchyard (New)
Aldgate Hermitage
Aldgate High Street
Aldgate Pump
Aldgate Ward
Aldgate Ward School
Aldgate Well
Alexander's Yard
Aleye (La)
Alfies Lane
Alfred Buildings
Alfred Place
Alienation Office
All Hallows
All Hallows ad Fenum
All Hallows Barking
All Hallows Barking Churchyard
All Hallows Barking Vicarage
All Hallows Colemanchurch
All Hallows de Stanningechirche
All Hallows Garschirch, Gracechurch, Grascherch, in Gracioustreete
All Hallows in Parva Roperia
All Hallows in St. Helen's
All Hallows in the Ropery
All Hallows Lane
All Hallows Lane Stairs
All Hallows le Grant
All Hallows (Little)
All Hallows Lombard Street Churchyard
All Hallows (on the Hay, over Heywharf)
All Hallows Passage
All Hallows Pier
All Hallows Semannescyrce
All Hallows Staining
All Hallows Staining School
All Hallows Stairs
All Hallows super Cellarium
All Hallows the Great
All Hallows the Great Churchyard
All Hallows the Less
All Hallows the Less Churchyard
All Hallows Within the Gate of Bishopsgate
All Hallows, Bread Street
All Hallows, Cornhill
All Hallows, Fenchurch
All Hallows, Honey Lane
All Hallows, Lombard Street
All Hallows, London Wall
All Hallows, Tower Street
Allam Yard
Allen's Court
Allen's Rents
Alley Gate
Alleyn's Almshouses
Alliance Assurance Co.'s Offices
Allum Yard
Almhouse Yard
Almnes Lane
Alms Alley
Almshouses, Judd's Charity
Almshouses, Mincing Lane
Alphage (St.) Churchyard
Alphage (St.) London Wall
Alphege (St.) Within Bishopsgate
Alphey Within Crepilgate
Alsies Lane
Alulph (St.)
Amand (St.)
Amandus (St.)
Ambrose Thurstan's Key
Amelia Place
Amen Corner
Amen Court
Amen House
Amen Lane
America Square
Amicable Assurance Society
Anabaptist Meeting House
Ancelyne (St.)
Anchor Alley
Anchor and Harp Alley, Aldgate High Street
Anchor and Hart Alley
Anchor Inn
Anchor Lane, Castle Baynard Ward
Anchor Lane, Street, Vintry Ward
Anchor (The)
Anchor Wharf
Ancris, Anchoress, by Bishopsgate
Anderson's Wharf
Andrew Cross Alley
Andrew (St.)
Andrew (St.) ad Sanctam Trinitatem
Andrew (St.) Aneknappe
Andrew (St.) Apud Turrim
Andrew (St.) by Aldgate
Andrew (St.) by the Wardrobe
Andrew (St.) Castle Baynard
Andrew (St.) Eastcheap
Andrew (St.) Holborn
Andrew (St.) Holborn Churchyard
Andrew (St.) Hubbard
Andrew (St.) Hubbard Lane
Andrew (St.) Next Christ's Church
Andrew (St.) super Cornhill
Andrew (St.) Undershaft
Andrew (St.) Undershaft Churchyard
Andrewís (St.) Street
Andrewcrosse (Le)
Andrewes Crosse Inn
Andrew's (St.) Court
Andrews (St.) Cross on the Hoop
Andrew's (St.) Hill
Andrew's (St.) Lane
Andrew's (St.) Wharf
Andro Morris Key
Angel Alley
Angel and Sugar Loaf Yard
Angel and Three Crowns, (The)
Angel Court
Angel Inn
Angel Passage, Skinner Street
Angel Place
Angel Square
Angel Street
Angel (The)
Anketill de Auvergne (Ward of)
Annabaptist Court
Anne (St.)
Anne (St.) and St. Agnes
Anne (St.) at the Tourhill
Anne (St.) Blackfriars
Anne (St.) Blackfriars' Churchyard
Anne (St.), Chapel of
Anne's (St.) Fraternity
Anne's (St.) School
Ann's (St.) Alley
Ann's (St.) Churchyard
Ann's (St.) Lane
Annunciation of the Virgin Mary Without Aldrichegate (Chapel of)
Antelope Inn
Antelyne (St.)
Antholin (St.)
Anthony (St.) (Hospital of)
Antony (St.)
Antony's (St.) School
Apollo Court
Apothecaries' Company
Apothecaries' Hall
Archdeacon (Chapel of)
Archerís Alley
Arches (Court of)
Arches (Les)
Arkenwald's (St.) Rents
Armourers and Braziers' Company
Armourers and Braziers' Hall
Armourersí Hall
Arms of the City
Arnold's Court
Arounes Lane
Arraces Selde
Arthur Street
Arthur Street East
Arthur Street West
Artichoak Court
Artichoke Court
Artichoke Place
Artillery Ground
Artillery Ground (New)
Artillery Ground (Old)
Artillery Lane
Artirce, The King's
Artizan Street
Arundel Lane
Ashantree Court
Ashen Tree Court.
Ashentbee Court
Ashentree Court
Ashentree Court (Little)
Ashman's Court
Ashurst's Court
Askew Almshouses
Athel Street, Athelestreet
Athelburga (St.)
Atheling Steeet
Aubrees Watergate
Auction Mart Sale Rooms
Audoen (St.)
Augustin Friars
Augustine (St.) ad Portam
Augustine (St.) by London Wall
Augustine (St.) in le Eldechaunge
Augustine (St.) next Old Fish Street
Augustine (St.) Papey, or in the Wall
Augustine (St.) Parvus
Augustine (St.) Street
Augustine (St.) Watling
Augustine's (St.) Gate
Austin Friars
Austin Friars Passage
Austin Friars Square
Austin (St.)
Austine's Rents
Austin's Court
Australian Avenue
Ave Maria Lane
Avenue (The)
Ax Yard
Axe Alley, Leadenhall Street
Axe Inn
Axe Yard
Axe Yard, Lime Street
Ayre's Charity Almshouses
Baalun (Ward of Alan)
Back Alley
Back Bear Alley
Back Court
Back Gravel Lane, Houndsditch
Back Streate, Cloth Fair
Back Street, Little Moorfields
Back Yard
Back, Backside, of St. Thomas Apostles
Backside of Ye Shambles
Backwell Hall
Bacon House
Bacon's Inn
Badgers Alley
Bagnio Court Street
Bagnio (The)
Bailey Street (Little)
Bailey (The)
Bailey (The) (Old)
Baily Place
Bakehouse Court
Baker's Alley
Baker's Buildings
Bakers' Company
Baker's Court
Bakers' Hall
Baker's Yard
Bakersí Arms Alley, Minories
Bakewell Hall
Balam's Court
Balding's Yard
Baldwin's Court
Baldwin's Gardens
Ball Alley
Ball and Shears Court
Ball Court
Ball (Le)
Ball (The), St. Martin's le Grand
Ball Yard
Ballardes Lane
Ballast Office
Balmoral Buildings
Baltic Exchange
Baltic (The)
Bancor Inn
Bandy Leg Alley
Bane's Court
Bangor Court
Bangor House
Banister's Court, Blackfriars
Banister's Lane
Bank Buildings
Bank of England
Bank of Scotland
Bank Street
Bankruptcy Affidavit Offices
Bannister's Lane, Blackfriars
Baptist Head Coffee House
Baptistís Head Court
Baptist's Alley
Bar of the New Temple
Bar of the Old Temple
Barber Surgeons' Hall
Barbers' Hall
Barbican Court
Barbolt Court
Bardi (The)
Barehouse Yard
Baremane Lane
Barge (The)
Barge Yard
Barkeleyes Inne
Barker's Rents
Barking Alley
Barking Chapel
Barking Church
Barking Church Yard
Barking Court
Barking Yard
Barklies Inn
Barleymow Passage
Barn Yard
Barnard's lnn
Barnes's Buildings
Baron's Yard
Barrow's Alley
Bars (The)
Bartholomew Close
Bartholomew Court
Bartholomew Fair
Bartholomew Lane
Bartholomew Place
Bartholomew (St.)
Bartholomew (St.) beside St. Anthony
Bartholomew (St.) by the Exchange
Bartholomew (St.) Chapel, within the Hospital
Bartholomew (St.) Court
Bartholomew (St.) Moor Lane
Bartholomew (St.) the Great
Bartholomew (St.) the Great, Churchyard
Bartholomew (St.) the Less
Bartholomew (St.) the Less Lane
Bartholomew (St.) the Less, Churchyard
Bartholomew (St.) the Little
Bartholomew (St.) without Aldersgate
Bartholomew (St.) without Bishopsgate
Bartholomew's (St.) Cloisters
Bartholomew's (St.) Hospital
Bartholomew's (St.) Priory
Bartlett Court
Bartlett Street
Bartlett's Buildings
Bartlett's Passage
Barton Lane
Baryngton's Rentes
Bas Court, Barbican
Basing Hall
Basing Lane
Basinghall Avenue
Basinghall Court
Basinghall Postern
Basinghall Street
Basinghall Street (New)
Basket Makers
Bassettís Inn
Bassishaw Court
Bassishaw Ward
Bassisshaw Alley
Bates' Yard
Bath House
Bath Place
Bath Street
Bay Hall
Bayley, Bayley's, Place, Little Tower Hill
Baynard's Castle
Baynard's Castle Lane
Baynard's Castle Stairs
Baynard's Castle Wharf
Bayne (The)
Bayning's Almshouse
Beachamp's Inn
Beaders (The)
Beades (The)
Beam (The King's or Great)
Beamondis Inne
Bear Alley
Bear Alley (Great)
Bear Alley (Little)
Bear and Ragged Staff Alley
Bear and Ragged Staff Inn, West Smithfield
Bear and Ragged Staff (The)
Bear Court
Bear Inn
Bear Key Stairs
Bear Quay
Bear Quay (Great)
Bear Quay (Little)
Bear Quay (New)
Bear (The)
Bear Yard
Bearbinder Lane
Beare Court
Beare Lane
Beare (le)
Beauchamp's Inn
Beaumondes, Beaumont, Inn
Beavis Lane
Beavis Markes
Beche (La)
Beckford Court
Beck's Rents
Bedford Court
Bedlam Court (Old)
Bedlam Lane (Old)
Beech Court
Beech Lane
Beech Street
Beef Market
Beehive Alley
Beehive Court
Beehive Passage
Beer Lane
Beggars Lane
Belfounder's House
Belheteres Lane
Belieters Lane
Belins-Gate Key
Bell Alley
Bell Alley (Great)
Bell Alley (Little)
Bell and Bear Alley, Great Eastcheap
Bell and Crown
Bell and Star Wharf
Bell and Wheel Alley, Yard
Bell Court
Bell Inn
Bell Inn (Old)
Bell (Le)
Bell Savage Yard, Old Bailey
Bell Square
Bell Tavern
Bell (The)
Bell (The) Brewhouse
Bell Wharf
Bell Wharf Lane
Bell Wharf Stairs
Bell Wheel Alley
Bell Yard
Belle (la) Sauvage Yard
Belle Savage (The)
Belleyetereslane, Belleyettereslane, Bellezeterestret
Bellows Yard
Bell's Alley
Bell's Buildings
Bell's Court
Belyetterslane, Belzeterslane
Bembridge Rents
Ben Johnsonís Court
Benbridges Inn
Benedict (St.)
Benedict (St.) ad ripam
Benedict (St.) Algar
Benedict (St.) at Castle Baynard
Benedict (St.) Cornhill
Benedict (St.) super Hetham in huda
Benedict (St.) the Less
Benedict (St.) the West
Benet (St.) at, or del Wodewharf
Benet (St.) Fink
Benet (St.) Gracechurch
Benet (St.) Paul's Wharf
Benet (St.) Paul's Wharf Churchyard
Benet (St.) Paul's Wharf (Street)
Benet (St.) Place
Benet (St.) Sherehog
Benet (St.) Sherehog Churchyard
Benet's (St.) Hill
Benet's (St.) Lane
Bengal Court
Bennet's Almshouses
Bennet's Hill
Benson's Alley
Berchereslane, Bercheverlane, Berchernerislane
Bere Alley
Bere (le)
Berewards Lane
Bergavenny House
Berry Court
Berry Street
Berwardes Lane
Berwick Alley
Bethleem, Bethlem
Bethlehem Church Yard
Bethlehem Hospital
Bethlehem Hospital Chapel
Bethlehem Hospital (Old)
Bethlem Burying Ground
Bethlem Court
Bethlem (Old)
Bethlem (Street) (Old)
Bevis Court
Bevis Marks
Bewitt's Court
Bib's Court
Bill Alley
Billet Court
Billingasgate Wharf
Billingsgate Buildings
Billingsgate Dock
Billingsgate Key, Quay
Billingsgate Market
Billingsgate Stairs
Billingsgate Street
Billingsgate Ward
Billingsgate Ward School
Billiter Alley
Billiter Avenue
Billiter Buildings
Billiter Court
Billiter Lane
Billiter Square
Billiter Square Buildings
Billiter Street
Birchin Lane
Bird and Hand Alley, Court
Bird in Hand Alley, Court
Birdes Alley
Bird's Court
Bird's Wharf
Bird's Yard
Bishop (Chapel of)
Bishop (le)
Bishop of Ely's
Bishoppes Place
Bishop's Court
Bishop's Fields
Bishop's Head
Bishops of London, Palace of
Bishopsgate Avenue
Bishopsgate Buildings
Bishopsgate Churchyard
Bishopsgate Hermitage
Bishopsgate (Hospital Without)
Bishopsgate Institute
Bishopsgate Poorhouse
Bishopsgate Station
Bishopsgate (Street)
Bishopsgate Ward
Bishopsgate Ward Schools
Bishopsgate Ward Within
Bishopsgate Ward Without
Bishopshead Court
Black and White Alley
Black and White Court
Black Bear Alley, Fleet Market
Black Boy Alley
Black Boy and Camel
Black Boy (The) Watling Street
Black Bull Inn, Bishopsgate Street
Black Bull (The)
Black Bull Yard, Aldgate High Street
Black Bull, Leadenhall
Black Dog Alley
Black Friars
Black Horse Alley
Black Horse and Hare Inn
Black Horse Court
Black Horse Court (Little)
Black Horse Inn
Black Horse Stables
Black Horse Yard
Black Lion Court
Black Lion Inn
Black Lion Yard
Black Lyon Inn
Black Lyon (The)
Black Lyon Yard, Stoney Lane, Houndsditch
Black Posts
Black Raven
Black Raven Alley
Black Raven Court
Black Raven Passage
Black Spread Eagle Court
Black Spread Eagle (The)
Black Swan Alley
Black Swan Court
Black Swan Inn
Black Swan Yard
Blackamore Court
Blacke-Boye (The)
Blackfriars Almshouses
Blackfriars Bridge
Blackfriars Gateway
Blackfriars Lane
Blackfriars School
Blackfriars Stairs
Blackfriars Station
Blackfriars Theatre
Blackhorse Court (Great)
Black's Alley
Black's Rents
Blacksmiths' Hall
Blackwell Hall
Blackwell Hall Court, Passage
Blackwell Hall Yard
Bladder Street
Blakehors on the Hope
Blakwell Hall Court
Blanch Appleton
Blanch Appleton Court
Blanch Chaplin Court
Blanck's Alley
Bland's Alley
Bland's Yard
Bleeding Heart Yard
Blew Anchor Inn, Duck Lane
Blew Boar Court, Friday Street
Blew Bores Head Court
Blew (The) Gates
Blewits Court
Blewitt's Buildings
Blind Chapel Court
Bliss's Court
Blomfield Street
Bloomfield Court
Bloomfield House
Blossom Inn Yard
Blossoms Inn
Blow Bladder Street
Blue Anchor
Blue Anchor Alley
Blue Anchor Court
Blue Anchor Inn
Blue Anchor Yard
Blue Ball Court
Blue Bell
Blue Bell Inn, Holborn
Blue Boar Court
Blue Boar Head Alley, Court
Blue Boar Stable Yard
Blue Boar (The)
Blue Bore Inn
Blue Coat Buildings
Blue Gates
Blue Gates (The)
Blue Hart Court
Blue Lion Court
Blunderbus Alley
Blyth's Buildings
Boar Alley
Boar Inn, Aldgate
Boarded Entry
Boar's Head Court
Boar's Head Tavern
Boar's Head (The)
Bockyng Wharf
Boddington Court
Bodd's Court
Bolestak (le)
Boliot' Lane
Bolt and Tun Alley
Bolt and Tun Court, Fleet Street
Bolt and Tun Inn
Bolt and Tunne (The), Friday Street
Bolt Court
Bolt in Tun Court, Yard
Boltenton (le)
Bond Court
Bonded Tea Warehouses
Bond's Court, Walbrook
Bond's Stables
Bononiae (Honour of)
Bookbinder Lane
Booker's Gardens, Leadenhall Street
Book's Rents
Boot Alley
Bordhangly Lane
Boreman's Buildings
Borer's Buildings
Borer's Passage
Bore's Head
Bore's Head Alley
Bores Head Court
Bore's Head, Cheap
Bores Hedde
Bores Street
Bore's (The) Head Tavern
Boreshede (le)
Boss Alley
Boss Alley (Little)
Boss Court
Boss Lane, Thames Street
Boss of Water
Bosses Court
Botolph Alley
Botolph (St.)
Botolph (St.) Aldersgate
Botolph (St.) Aldgate
Botolph (St.) Aldgate Charity School
Botolph (St.) Aldgate Churchyard
Botolph (St.) at Retheresgate
Botolph (St.) Billingsgate
Botolph (St.) Billingsgate, Churchyard
Botolph (St.) Bishopsgate Churchyard
Botolph (St.) in Thames Street
Botolph (St.) without Aldersgate Churchyard
Botolph (St.) without Bishopsgate
Botolph Wharf Gateway
Botolph's Gate
Botolph's Lane
Botolph's Wharf
Bottle Alley, Bottle Yard, Bishopsgate
Bottle Lane
Boulogne (Honour of)
Bouverie Street
Boverie Street
Bovonye (Honour of)
Bow Churchyard
Bow Lane
Bowe (la)
Bowl Court
Bowle Court
Bowling Alley
Bowman's Buildings
Bowman's Court
Bowyer Row
Bowyerís Court
Bowyers' Hall
Boxen Court
Boxford Court
Box's Court
Boxwood Court
Boy Court
Boyden's Wharf
Brabant Court
Braben Court, Philpot Lane
Brackley Street
Bradford Avenue
Bradon's Court
Bradshaw's Buildings
Bradshaw's Court
Bradshaw's Rents
Bradstrete, Bradestrete
Braime's Buildings
Brand's Yard
Brasiers' Hall
Brass Foundry
Braziers' Almshouses
Braziers' Buildings
Braziersí Hall
Brazile Yard
Brazil's Rents
Bread Street
Bread Street Alley
Bread Street Compter
Bread Street Hill
Bread Street Ward
Breakneck Alley
Breakneck Court, Steps, or Stairs
Breakneck Steps
Bream's Buildings
Breeches Yard
Bretask (la)
Bretask Lane
Bretasse (Le)
Brew House
Brewers Alley, Shoe Lane
Brewers' Company
Brewer's Court
Brewers (Fraternity of)
Brewers' Hall
Brewers Lane
Brewer's Quay
Brewers Yard
Brewers Yard (Old)
Brewhouse Lane
Brewhouse Yard
Brewhouse Yard (Old)
Brick Court
Brickbuildings Court
Brickhill Lane
Bricklayers' Court
Bricklayers' Hall
Bricklington Court
Bride Court
Bride Lane
Bride (St.)
Bride's Court
Bride's Passage
Bride's (St.) Alley
Bride's (St.) Avenue
Bride's (St.) Churchyard
Bride's (St.) Foundation Institute
Bride's (St.) House
Bride's (St.) Street
Bride's (St.) Wharf
Bride's (St.) Workhouse
Bridewell Bridge
Bridewell Ditch
Bridewell Dock
Bridewell Hospital
Bridewell Place
Bridewell Precinct
Bridewell Steps
Bridge Gate
Bridge House
Bridge House Court
Bridge House Rents
Bridge Street
Bridge Street (Little)
Bridge Street (New)
Bridge Ward School
Bridge Ward Within
Bridge Ward Without
Bridgemanís Yard
Bridget (St.)
Bridgewater Court
Bridgewater Gardens
Bridgewater House
Bridgewater Passage
Bridgewater Place
Bridgewater Square
Bridgewater Square Buildings
Bridgewater Street
Briggehuthe (La)
Bristol Street
Bristow Street
Britain (Little)
Britain's, Brittain's Yard
Britannia Court
Brite's Alley
Brittain's Alley
Brittania Place
Britten Strete
Britton's Court
Broad Alley
Broad Court
Broad Street
Broad Street Avenue
Broad Street Buildings
Broad Street Chambers
Broad Street Court (New)
Broad Street (Little)
Broad Street Mews
Broad Street (New)
Broad Street (Old)
Broad Street Place
Broad Street Station
Broad Street Ward
Broad Street Ward School
Broad Walk
Broad Way, Flying Horse Yard, Bishopsgate
Brodedore (Le)
Brodelane (le)
Broderers' Hall
Brodeselde (la)
Broke Wharf
Broken Cross
Broken Seld
Broken Wharf
Broker Row
Broker's Wharf
Bromley's Buildings
Brook Alley
Brook Yard, Lambeth Hill
Brooke House
Brooke Street
Brook's Court
Brook's Garden
Brook's Rents
Brook's Wharf
Brook's Wharf Lane
Brook's Yard
Broven's Court, Philpot Lane
Brown Bear Alley or Court
Brown's Alley
Brown's Buildings
Brown's Court
Brown's Wharf
Brown's Yard
Brush Court
Brushfield Street
Bucker's Gardens
Buckingham House
Buckle Court
Buck's Head Court
Budge Row
Bugge Row
Bukerel (Ward of)
Bull Alley
Bull and Mouth Inn
Bull Court
Bull Head Court
Bull Head Tavern
Bull Head (The)
Bull Head Yard
Bull Inn
Bull Wharf
Bull Wharf Lane
Bull Yard
Bullen's Rents
Bulliford Court
Bullocks Court
Bullocks Yard, Minories
Bull's Head Court
Bull's Head Passage
Bulwark Gate
Bunting Alley
Bunt's Yard, Crutched Friars
Burgate (Le)
Burgavenny House
Burges Court
Burgess Street
Burgon Street
Burley House
Burnt Yard, Crutched Friars
Burr Street
Burroughe (Lord of the)
Burse (The)
Bury Court
Bury Street (Little)
Bury Street, Bevis Marks
Busby's Rents
Bush Alley, Upper East Smithfield
Bush Lane
Bush Lane (Great)
Bush Lane (Little)
Bushell Court
Busher's Wharf
Bushie's Rents
Butcher Hall Lane
Butcher Row
Butcher's Alley
Butchers' Hall
Butchers' Hall Corner
Butchers (Street of)
Butler Street
Butler's Alley
Butler's Buildings
Butler's Court
Butler's Yard
Button Court
Buttonmould Row
Bylleter Lane
Byward Street
Caesar's Head Court
Cage (Le)
Cain and Abel's Alley
Calvert Court
Calvert's Brewery (Mr.)
Cambrigge Key
Camera Dianae
Camomile Court
Camomile Mews
Camomile Street
Campion Lane
Camp's Almshouses
Canada Company's Office
Candish Court
Candle House
Candlestick Founders
Candlewick Street
Candlewick Ward
Candlewick Ward Chambers
Canninge Street
Cannon Alley
Cannon Court
Cannon Street
Cannon Street House
Cannon Street Station
Cannon Street West
Canon Alley
Canterbury Court, St. Andrew's Hill, Blackfriars
Capel Court
Car Court
Car Square
Car Yard
Card Court
Cardinal Alley, Cornhill
Cardinal Cap Alley, Cornhill
Cardinall Hatt (The), Gracechurch Street
Cardinal's Hat
Cardinal's Hat (The)
Cardinalshat (le) Lombard Street
Carey Lane
Carey Street
Carfukes, Leadenhall
Carlisle Avenue
Carlisle Buildings
Carmelite Street
Carnebelles Place
Caroone House
Carpenter's Buildings
Carpenters' Company
Carpenter's Court
Carpenter's Hall
Carpenters' Hall Yard
Carpenters' Rents
Carpenter's Yard
Carr Yard
Carron and London and Continental Steam Wharves, Carron Co
Carron Company's Warehouses
Carron wharf
Cart Yard
Carter Court
Carter Lane
Carter Lane (Great)
Carter Lane (Little)
Carter Street, Houndsditch
Carter's Court
Carter's Rents
Carthusian Street
Cartridge Street, Royal Mint Street
Cartwright Square
Cartwright Street
Cary Lane
Castel (The)
Castell Aley
Castle Alley
Castle and Falcon Hotel
Castle and Faulcon Inn, Cripplegate
Castle Baynard Dock
Castle Baynard Lane
Castle Baynard (Parish of)
Castle Baynard Ward
Castle Baynard Wharf
Castle Court
Castle Inn, Wood Street
Castle Lane
Castle on the Hoop
Castle Street
Castle Tavern
Castle Tavern Court
Castle (The)
Castle Yard
Castle's New Court
Cat Alley
Cat and Fiddle (The)
Cat and Wheel Alley, Bishopsgate
Cate Lane
Cateaton Street
Catherine Alley
Catherine Court
Catherine (St.) Colman
Catherine (St.) Cree
Catherine Wheel Alley
Catherine Wheel and George Yard
Catherine Wheel Court
Catherine Wheel Inn
Catherine Wheel (The)
Catherine Wheel Yard
Catherine's (St.)
Catling Street
Cat's Hole
Catt Alley
Cattene Lane
Cavendish Court
Cecile Lane
Central Criminal Court
Chain Alley, Cooper's Row, Aldgate
Chamberlain's Gate
Chancery Lane
Chandellor's Rents
Chandlers' Hall
Chandler's Rents
Change Alley
Change Hill (Old)
Change (Old)
Chapel Alley
Chapel Court
Chapel in Bartholomew Hospital
Chapel in Dunstan (St.) in the East Churchyard
Chapel In Pardon Churchyard
Chapel in the Charnel at St. Mary Spitall
Chapel of Bethlehem
Chapel of Ease, Skinner Street
Chapel of the Bishop of St. Paul's
Chapel Place
Chapel Street
Chapel upon the Charnell in St. Paul's Churchyard
Chapels in Old St. Paul's
Chaplains of London (Parish)
Chapter House Court
Charity Court
Charity School
Charles Court
Charles Street
Charlotte Court
Charlotte Row
Charsey House
Charterhouse Lane
Charterhouse Rents
Charterhouse Street
Charterhouse (The)
Chartesey House
Chatham Buildings
Chatham Place
Chaunceler, Chauncelleres Lane
Cheap Ward
Cheapside Gate
Cheapside (Little)
Checker Alley
Checker Inn
Checker (The)
Checker Yard
Cheke Lane
Cheker (The)
Chekker (The)
Chequer Alley
Chequer Court
Chequer Inn
Chequer Lane, Dowgate Hill
Chequer Yard
Cherrytree Court
Cherubim Court
Cheshire Court
Cheshire Rents
Chester Place
Chester Quay
Chesthunt (Nuns of St. Mary of)
Cheyne (The)
Chicheley's House
Chichester's (Bishop of) Inn
Chick Lane, Tower Ward
Chicke Lane
Chigene Lane
Childes Key
Child's Bank
Child's Place
Chimney Alley
Chiswell Street
Chitterling Alley, Tower Street
Cholmondeley's Almshouse
Christ Church Hospital
Christ Church Lane
Christ Church Passage
Christ Church Priory, Aldgate
Christ Church Streate
Christ Church, Newgate Street
Christal Court
Christopher Alley
Christopher Court
Christopher (St.) le Stocks
Christopher (The)
Christopher's (St.) Alley
Christ's Hospital
Church Alley
Church Court
Church Entry
Church Haw, without Alderugate (New)
Church Hawe (New)
Church Hill
Church Hill Alley, St. Andrew's Hill
Church Lane
Church Passage
Church Place
Church Rents
Church Row
Church Side Alley, Fetter Lane
Church Street (Little)
Church Street, Minories
Churchaw Lane
Churches, Dedications
Churches, Endowments
Churchhead Street, Rosemary Lane
Churchyard Alley
Churchyard Alley Hole
Churchyard Court
Circus Place
Circus (The)
Cistern at Fleet Bridge
Cistern without Cripplegate
City Carlton Club
City Chambers
City Chambers (New)
City Chambers (Old)
City Club (New)
City Companies
City Ditch
City Greenyard
City Mortuary
City of London Brewery
City of London Club
City of London College
City of London School
City of London, Artizans' Dwellings
City Police Office
City Union Relief Registration Office
Clare (St.) without Aldgate
Clare's Key
Clarke's Rents
Clarke's Yard
Clark's Alley, Bishopsgate
Clark's Buildings
Clark's Court
Clarks' Hall
Clark's Place
Clement (St.) Eastcheap Churchyard
Clement (St.), Candlewick Street
Clement (St.), Eastcheap
Clement (St.), Lombard Street
Clement's Court
Clement's Lane
Clement's Place
Clement's (St.) Street
Clerks' Hall
Clerks (Parish)
Clifford's Inn Gardens
Clifford's Inn Lane
Clifford's Inn Passage
Clifford's Inn, Fleet Street
Cloak Lane
Clock and Wheatsheaf Alley, Court
Clockers Alley
Cloister Court, Blackfriars
Cloister Court, Temple
Cloisters Court
Cloisters (The)
Cloth Fair
Cloth Street
Cloth Workers' Court
Cloth Yard
Clothes' Exchange
Clothes' Market
Clothier Street
Clothworkers' Company
Clothworkers' Hall
Cloyster Court
Cloysters (The)
Clun's Alley, Yard
Coach and Horses Court, Wood Street
Coach and Horses Inn
Coach and Horses' Yard
Coach Yard
Coachmakers' Hall, Coach Harness Makers' Hall
Coak's Buildings
Coal Exchange
Coal Meters' Office
Coal Wharf
Coalman's Alley
Cobbam's Inn
Cobb's Court
Cock Alehouse
Cock Alley
Cock Alley (Great)
Cock Alley (Little)
Cock and Bottle Court
Cock and Crown Court, Aldersgate
Cock and Hoop Court
Cock and Hoop Yard
Cock and Key Alley
Cock and Lion Court
Cock and Py Court
Cock and Wheatsheaf Alley
Cock Court
Cock Hill
Cock Inn
Cock Lane
Cock (The)
Cock Yard
Cockís Key
Cockerill's Buildings
Cockold's Alley
Cockpit Court
Cock's Court, St. Mary Axe
Cock's Head Court
Cock's Rents
Coffee House Alley
Coffee House Court
Coffin's Court
Cogers' Hall
Cok Alley, St. Martin's le Grand
Cok (Le) in the Houpe
Cokedon Hall
Cokkes Renttes
Cokkes Wharf
Colchester Street
Cold Abbeye
Cole Harbour Stairs
Colebrewous (Le)
Colechurch Lane, Colechurch Street
Cole-Harbour Lane
Coleman Street
Coleman Street Buildings
Coleman Street Ward
Coleman Street Ward Schools
Coleman's Buildings
Coleman's Yard
Cole's Buildings
Cole's Rents
Cole's Yard
College Court
College Hill
College of Arms
College of Heralds
College of Physicians
College Street
College Street (Little)
Collier's Court
Colonial Avenue
Colonial House
Comb's, Come's Court
Commercial Hall
Commercial Sale Rooms
Commercial Wharf
Common Council
Common Lane (The)
Common Staires
Commons (The)
Companies Porters
Compter Alley, Compter Court
Compter's Alley
Compting House Court
Comptoir National d'Escompte de Paris
Conduit by the Stocks Market (Little)
Conduit in Westcheap (Little)
Conduit Tavern
Conduit (The) in Westcheap (Great)
Conduit Yard
Conduyte (le)
Coneyhope (Chapel of)
Coneyhope Lane
Consolidated Bank
Converts (House of)
Converts' Lane, Converslone
Cony Court
Cook Court
Cookes Row
Cook's Buildings
Cook's Court
Cooks' Hall
Cook's Head Court
Cook's Square
Coomb's Alley
Cooper's Court, East Smithfield
Cooper's Court, Foster Lane
Coopers' Hall
Cooper's Rents
Cooper's Row
Cooper's Yard
Copped Hall
Copper Wharf
Coppin's Court
Copthall Avenue
Copthall Buildings
Copthall Chambers
Copthall Court
Coptick Court
Corbet Court
Corbettes Key
Corderie (la)
Cordwainer Street
Cordwainer Ward
Cordwainers and Bread Street School
Cordwainers' Charity School
Cordwainers' Court
Cordwainers' Hall
Cordwainery (The)
Corn Exchange
Cornereschoppe (la)
Cornerhouse (le)
Cornerhouse (The)
Corner's Court
Cornhill (Soke of)
Cornhill Ward
Cornwall Buildings
Cornwall Chapel
Coroner's, Corner's Court
Corpus Christi Chapel in the Poultry
Corpus Christi Chapel, St. Lawrence Pountney
Corpus Christi, Fraternity of
Corueyserestrat, Corveyerestrate
Cote's Yard
Cotton Court
Cotton Street
Council at London
Counter Alley
Counting House Yard
Court (Little)
Court (Middle)
Court of Arches
Court of Husting
Cousen's Lane
Cousin Lane
Cousin Lane Stairs
Covent Garden, East Smithfield
Covent Rentes, East Smithfield
Cow Cross, Cow Cross Street
Cow Lane
Cowbridge Street
Cowden's Rents
Cowface (The)
Cowper's Court
Coxe's Passage
Cox's Court
Cox's Quay
Cox's Rents
Crab Court
Cradle Alley
Cradle Court
Cradocheslane, Cradockslane
Crane Court
Crane (The)
Craven's (Sir William) House
Cree Church Lane
Creechurch Court, Creechurch Alley
Creechurch Wharf
Creechurch Within Aldgate
Creed Churchyard
Creed Lane
Crescent Place
Crescent (The)
Cressers Court
Cressyngham Lane
Cripple Court
Cripplegate Buildings
Cripplegate Churchyard
Cripplegate Hermitage
Cripplegate (Lane of)
Cripplegate (New Hospital Within)
Cripplegate Street
Cripplegate Ward
Cristofer (Le)
Crokehorne Alley
Crompton's Buildings
Crookbourn Alley
Crooked Frying Pan Alley
Crooked Lane
Crookere Lane, Crookeres Lane
Crookhorn Alley
Crosby Buildings
Crosby Hall
Crosby Hall Chambers
Crosby Place
Crosby Square
Crosby Square Passage
Crosby Street
Crosleys Square, Hart Street, Tower Street
Cross Alley
Cross Court
Cross (Holy) or Holy Rood
Cross in Cheapside
Cross in Cheapside (Great)
Cross Key Court
Cross Key Square
Cross Keys Alley, Cross Keys Inn, Cross Keys Yard
Cross Keys Court
Cross Keys Inn
Cross Keys (The)
Cross Lane
Cross Street
Crosseley's Court
Crosse's Alley
Crosseys Court
Crosskeys Court
Crostefer (le)
Crow Alley (Little)
Crow Court
Crowd Alley
Crowder's Well
Crowder's Well Alley
Crowder's Well Alley (Little)
Crown Alley
Crown and Cushion Court
Crown and Cushion (The)
Crown and Horseshoe Wharf
Crown and Sheaf Place
Crown and Shears Place, Crown and Sheers Alley, Crown and Sheers Court
Crown and Sheers Place, Royal Mint Street
Crown Buildings
Crown Court
Crown Inn
Crown Key
Crown (Le)
Crown Office Row
Crown Place
Crown Tavern
Crown (The)
Crown Yard
Crowne (Le)
Crowne (The)
Crowned Seld
Crutched Friars
Cuckold's Court
Cullum Court, Cullums Court
Cullum Street
Culnere (le)
Culver Alley
Culver Court
Culver Key
Cumberland Court
Cumberland Street
Cup and Fan Court
Curriers' Alley
Currier's Arms Inn Yard
Currier's Court, Currier's Row
Curriers' Hall
Curriers' Hall Court
Curriers' Row
Curriors' Court
Cursitor Street
Cursitor's Alley
Cushion Court
Custom House
Custom House and Wool Quays
Custom House Court
Custom House Quay
Custom House Stairs, East and West
Custom House Wharf
Customer's Key
Cusyn's (Peter) Wharf
Cutellar' Domum
Cutler Street
Cutler Street Warehouses
Cutlers' Company
Cutlers' Hall
Cutler's Yard
Cutlery (The)
Cutthroat Alley
Cuttle's Lands

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