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The plates can be accessed in the form of an 'exhibition' of all the plates, see below, or individually from the list of all the plates, also below. The complete volume may take a couple of minutes to download.

Complete series (120 images including title plate and vignette)




Title Plate.
Vignette in Title Plate. London from Greenwich.
Plate 1. City of Lincoln, South East View.
Plate 2. Goree Buildings. Liverpool
Plate 3. Commercial Room, Manchester.
Plate 4. Eaton Hall, Cheshire.
Plate 5. Entrance to Carlisle from the South.
Plate 6. Winchester
Plate 7. Oxford from the Meadows
Plate 8. Durham.
Plate 9. Bambro'. Castle.
Plate 10. Town Hall, Liverpool.
Plate 11. Howden, Yorkshire.
Plate 12. Kendal, Westmorland.
Plate 13. Brunswick Terrace, Brighton.
Plate 14. Manchester.
Plate 15. Aston Hall, Warwickshire.
Plate 16. Lancaster Sessions House.
Plate 17. Whitby, Yorkshire.
Plate 18. Guild-Hall, Newcastle on Tyne.
Plate 19. Dent, Yorkshire.
Plate 20. Blackfriars Bridge, Manchester.
Plate 21. Greta Hall and Keswick Bridge.
Plate 22. Dover, Kent.
Plate 23. Salford, from the Crescent.
Plate 24. Hastings, from the White Rocks
Plate 25. Nottingham Castle.
Plate 26. Salisbury Crags near Edinburgh.
Plate 27. Preston, Lancashire.
Plate 28. Rochester Castle from the Bridge.
Plate 29. Abbotsford. Sir Walter Scott.
Plate 30. Glenmire Bridge. near Cork.
Plate 31. New Bridge Scarborough.
Plate 32. Carlisle Castle.
Plate 33. St George's Church, Liverpool.
Plate 34. Oystermouth Castle & Harbour.
Plate 35. Newcastle.
Plate 36. Hastings.
Plate 37. View from Maidstone Bridge.
Plate 38. Canterbury. from St. Stephen's Road.
Plate 39. Scarborough. Castle and Bay.
Plate 40. Castle and City of Limerick.
Plate 41. Chatham.
Plate 42. Barnard Castle. Durham.
Plate 43. Brough Castle. Westmoreland.
Plate 44. Hythe. from the Canal Bridge.
Plate 45. Rochester.
Plate 46. Entance to the Peak Cavern. Derbyshire.
Plate 47. Canterbury. Gate of St. Augustine's.
Plate 48. Holyrood House, Edinburgh.
Plate 49. Melrose Abbey, Scotland.
Plate 50. View on Hampstead Heath.
Plate 51. Entrance to Newmarket.
Plate 52. Lynmouth & Linton. North Devonshire.
Plate 53. The Bank Highgate.
Plate 54. Branch Hill Hampstead.
Plate 55. Carlisle. from the North.
Plate 56. Lancaster. from the South.
Plate 57. Preston. from the North.
Plate 58. St. John's College. Cambridge.
Plate 59. Dover, from the Beach.
Plate 60. Elvet Bridge, Durham.
Plate 61. Christchurch, Hampshire.
Plate 62. Dryburgh Abbey, Scotland.
Plate 63. Peveril Castle, Derbyshire
Plate 64. Maidstone Bridge.
Plate 65. Green Court Canterbury.
Plate 66. Netley Abbey - West Window.
Plate 67. Lancaster Castle
Plate 68. Bristol, from the Bath Road.
Plate 69. Roslin Castle.
Plate 70. Nottar Bridge. on the Lynher.
Plate 71. Steels Cottage Haverstock Hill.
Plate 72. Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devonshire.
Plate 73. Sheffield.
Plate 74. Shaugh Bridge. River Plym, Devonshire.
Plate 75. The Exchange, Liverpool.
Plate 76. Launceston Castle.
Plate 77. Kemp Town, Brighton.
Plate 78. Plympton, Devonshire.
Plate 79. Newcastle. from Askew's Wood.
Plate 80. Pentilly Castle on the Tamar.
Plate 81. The Head of Dove Dale, Derbyshire.
Plate 82. Darlington, Durham.
Plate 83. Mickle Gate Bar - York.
Plate 84. New Bailey Bridge, Manchester.
Plate 85. Pier at Scarborough.
Plate 86. Dartmouth Castle
Plate 87. New Bridge, Lancaster.
Plate 88. Whitby from the South
Plate 89. Glasgow. from the Green.
Plate 90. Hereford. from the River.
Plate 91. Babbacome Bay, Devonshire.
Plate 92. Launcestone Castle.
Plate 93. Monks Mill, River Avon, Bath.
Plate 94. View in Dove Dale, Derbyshire.
Plate 95. Strammongate Bridge, Kendal.
Plate 96. Landing Place Dover. Outer Harbour.
Plate 97. Chester, from Barrelwell Hill.
Plate 98. Gt. Rydal Lake.
Plate 99. Stone Henge.
Plate 100. Edinburgh Castle. from Princes Street.
Plate 101. Abergavenny from the Uske Road.
Plate 102. Melrose Abbey, Scotland.
Plate 103. The Pavilion, Brighton.
Plate 104. The River above Sunderland Bridge.
Plate 105. Ragland Castle.
Plate 106. Worcester.
Plate 107. Brandon Hill Bristol.
Plate 108. Near Castleton Derbyshire.
Plate 109. Calne, from the Canal.
Plate 110. Newport, Monmouthshire.
Plate 111. Pelham Crescent Hastings.
Plate 112. Bradford
Plate 113. Lower Lake of Killarney, Ross Castle
Plate 114. Melksham.
Plate 115. Uske, Monmouthshire.
Plate 116. Widcombe Church, near Bath.
Plate 117. Hythe, Kent.
Plate 118. Newcastle. from Westgate Hill.







A series of 108 steel engravings from drawings by William Westall. The engravings are mostly by Edward Finden. The series and volume were published by Charles Tilt, 86 Fleet Street, London and printed by Ibotson and Palmer, Savoy Street, Strand, London. The text was written by Thomas Moule. In his preface the publisher reports the total cost to be in excess of six thousand pounds, and that at the price offered three sets of copper plates would have been required to recoup the cost. The use of steel plates enabled the series to be offered at a price which a few years earlier would have been six or eight times as great for a similar production.

The plates are not numbered, but are printed two to a page with a following two sided numbered page of text, one side for each of the preceding prints. The first four plates have an individual publication line and date, thereafter there is a single publication line at the bottom of the page.

The dates on the publication lines of the plates are from (1st Otober) 1828 to 1830. The title page in the volume from which the images in this series were photographed is dated 1833.

The legend below the image for each plate takes a standard form throughout, with the title centre, the attribution to Westall left, the attribution to Finden or another engraver, right and the publication line bottom centre.

This particular volume has book plates inside the front cover and back cover in the name of Henry Wenman Newman of Thornbury Park, Gloucestershire.



The images in this series in the Motco Enterprises Limited database were photographed digitally from the volume in the Motco collection.

The larger (digital) images in the database are marked as Copyright MOTCO 2001. They may only be copied for personal use. Personal use specifically excludes publication on any website. If you require access to the images for commercial use, in hard copy or digital form, please contact the Motco.













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